About Lendindex

Launched in 2015 with the vision to re-imagine the way SMEs access credit around the world, Lendindex leverages the power of AI, big data and machine learning to create unique, open-web business scores.

According to the IFC, the credit gap for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is estimated to be a staggering $6.3-$7.8 trillion, globally.

Lendindex’s fiat and digital-asset loan platform uses blockchain technology to reduce credit friction in the SME loan marketplace while increasing efficiencies, transparency and security through immutable, decentralized, smart-contracts.

AI Powered Business Scoring

Business scores derived from billions of points of data, extracted, validated and analyzed across hundreds of variables, helping lenders make better credit decisions.

Big Data

Data capture, validation, and extraction on 120m SMEs worldwide using advanced machine learning technologies

Proprietary Scoring Technology

AI and neural networks create and maintain unique, integrated business scores for real-time risk management

AI Powered Loan Matching

Loan matching algorithms delivers efficient leads and reduce sales team overhead. Bespoke lender and borrower portals provides frictionless processing

Blockchain Powered Lending

Smart-contract loan marketplace for traditional (fiat) and digital assets SME lending around the world

SmartContract SME Lending for Traditional (fiat) and Digital Assets

  1. Our loan marketplace manages both traditional (fiat) and ‘tokenized-fiat’ digital assets.
  2. Lendindex digital wallets are ERC-20 compliant.
  3. We use two-factor authentication & military-grade secure storage for keys.
  4. Each Lendindex Loan smart contract can be treated as a tradable derivative.

Why Lendindex

The only marketplace providing all of the elements of open-web data analytics and smart-contract lending.

A.I. Risk Scoring

Lendindex's technology provides AI-powered, open web business risk scoring and predictive analysis.

Software Instead of Sales Teams

The Lendindex algorithmic loan-matching solution provides lenders with low / no CAC lead generation,

Big Data Analytics

Lendindex provides big data analytics for enhanced credit decision making and allows for customized risk analysis options.

Smart-contract Lending

Lendindex provides blockchain-based smart-contracts for both traditional and digital asset-lending products.

Protecting Your Assets

Lendindex smart-contracts uses two-factor authentication & military-grade security for storage for keys

Lendindex Advantages

Helping solve the world’s SME credit gap with powerful technology

Unique Business Scoring

AI powered neural networks capture and analyze structured and unstructured data


Algorithmic loan matching reduces client acquisition costs for SME leads.

Fraud Reduction

Blockchain-based smart contracts reduce fraud, duplication and disputes

Full Transparency

Immutable smart contracts provide complete transparency of loan lifecycle

Next Generation Wallet

ERC-20 compliant digital wallets, focusing on dollar-backed digital assets (‘tokenized fiat’)

Advanced Technology

Built on the W3 consortium principals of web platform management


May 2017

Launched loan-matching platform along with automated business scoring

September 2018

Capturing 120 million business scores, with real-time updates

January 2019

Beta-test release of 'tokenized-fiat' digital asset lending

June 2019

Full release of digital asset lending and traditional (fiat) loan origination platform

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Below we’ve provided some additional information about Lendindex. For further information, please contact us via e-mail.

Lendindex uses AI and machine learning to determine a unique business score and then matches your business financing needs with suitable lenders based on your application.

Lendindex is not a lender in any transaction and does not make loans, loan commitments or lock-rates. All credit decisions, including loan approval and the conditional rates and terms you are offered, are the responsibility of the participating lenders and will vary based upon your loan request, your particular financial situation, and criteria determined by the lenders to whom you are matched. Not all consumers will qualify for loans.

Your loan application is delivered to a matched lender in real time. Your lender will contact you shortly thereafter, to start the loan process. Loan approval times vary - depending on the lender and the size of the loan. The average loan approval or final response takes somewhere between 2-3 days.

We usually match only one lender to a business borrower. If the loan does not work out, we can work with you to find another potential match.

The minimum loan is $5,000 and the maximum limit we match between borrower and lender is $350k

Lendindex is connected to lenders who can offer term loans, SBA loans, Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) and other financing products. You will be matched up to the lender who is a best fit based on your loan application, which includes loan size, loan term and LENDindex business score.

The lender that we match with you will work with you to evaluate the purpose of the business loan as part of the approval process.

Lendindex uses a number of different data points to assist lenders in determining your client business score. So, even borrowers with a low FICO score may get matched with a suitable lender. Lenders may still user your FICO score to as part of, or entirely for your loan approval process.

Lendindex does not charge business borrowers fees. The lender pays Lendindex for the services. The borrower will be responsible for paying any loan processing, closing costs or other fees to the lender that you may close with.

Lendindex currently matches borrowers and lenders for USD denominated loans with businesses located in the United States. Our digital asset loan service will be launched in Q1 2019, and will provide a platform for stable-coins or tokenized-fiat loans.

Due to lending and licensing regulations, Lendindex is not able to engage in problem resolution between borrower and lender on active loans.

Lendindex does not obtain FICO scores. Entering your information on Lendindex does not affect your credit score. A lender that we match with you may seek your approval to obtain a credit score.

There is no cost to check your Lendindex business score, submit a loan request, or to get matched with lenders and receive conditional loan offers or quotes. You may review the conditional loan offers or quotes and talk to the lenders at no cost. Of course, the lender you choose may require a fee to process your formal loan application, appraisal, and/or credit report, but until you agree to pay the lender any fee(s), you may use Lendindex to get matched with lenders, and improve your business score at no cost.

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